EST 2002

Dalton Pictures Distribution

 “Planning ahead is your best strategy for success”

  Some might cite The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity to dispute this. Wrong. They are the exceptions. And by definition, exceptions are RARE. For every rare indie film that is a massive hit there are failures aplenty. And consider this (which most people don’t know): Those two exceptions (The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity) had massive amounts of P&A placed behind them – so they followed the Hollywood business model – and it worked.

 You can make the most beautiful film in the world, but, if nobody knows it is playing, there are empty seats. Theaters are businesses. They are unoccupied real estate if no one comes. And if that lasts for...



" The average P&A budget for a major studio release is $34.5 million. When coming to market with your film you are competing for real estate on their turf, you better have a plan"